Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ASQ Professional Competency Certification Examination - Pencils Down !

Dear Friends,

Please be informed that the delivery method for ASQ Certification Examination is changing from paper and pencil to computer based testing (CBT) starting October 2016. All the examination candidates will be required to take the ASQ Certification Examination at identified PROMETRIC exam testing facility where the exam/test will be delivered via on-line computer in a PROMETRIC proctored, secured and controlled environment.

Benefits to ASQ Members
  • An increase in annual exam administrations from two to six
  • The availability of days in which to take the exams, increasing from four per year to 102
  • The convenience of retesting, reducing time from 6 months to 2
  • An increased number of testing locations, from 350 to 8,000
  • And faster test results, from 10 days to 0-4

You can find more relevant information pertaining to ASQ computer based testing (CBT) at this hyperlink.

(You can watch included video clips on what to expect during testing day by VIMEO!)

Do contact us if you need more information about newly introduced ASQ Certification Examination CBT.

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